My Karaoke List 1.2


My Karaoke List gives karaoke lovers the ability to keep track of all of their favorite songs they like to sing at karaoke by entering them into an easy-to-read list. Make setlists, mark favorites, ban songs, rate your performances, and more. It's simple, fast, easy to use, and built specifically for the karaoke enthusiast.

Ever been out somewhere and heard a song you wanted to sing at karaoke? Use this app to quickly jot it down so you can remember it for your next karaoke night. Instead of texting, emailing yourself, or writing it down on a napkin, you can now have it in a handy list!

You can also get fast and easy web access to the lyrics of any song in your list, as well as one-click access to the YouTube video for singing reference. This makes it easy to get the lyrics quickly when your karaoke turn is coming up.

* Keep a list of your karaoke songs
* Keep track of which songs you've sang already
* One click access to the lyrics or YouTube video
* Mark songs as favorites
* Make a setlist for your upcoming karaoke event
* Post your setlists to Facebook for your friends to see
* Keep track of 'banned' songs
* Rate yourself on your singing performances

Check out the website for more info:

Note: This app does not play music or karaoke tunes.

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